• We connect businesses and people.

  • We enrich print, objects, the real world with amazing digital content.

  • We provide immersion at the POS.

  • We offer cloud, online, and offline solutions.

  • We provide detailed analytics to measure results and improve experiences.

  • We partner and integrate top technologies so that you don’t have to.

We Can Help!

Brands and services
  • Provide immersive and rich experiences for print, objects, and places
  • Publish AR content almost instantaneously
  • Launch engaging AR/MR experiences, fast and affordably
  • Use analytics to perfect your offering
  • Make changes in minutes
  • Cost effective, immersive, and flexible
  • Increase student engagement and focus
  • Provide rich linear and interactive experiences
  • Track how students interact with content
  • Enable existing book and print materials and props to provide an interactive experience
  • Use rich digital content in the real world
  • Provide a more effective learning experience when training your team
  • Make each catalog product or offering a compelling infomercial
  • Add a call to action to each ad or catalog item to boost sales opportunities
  • Enable distant collaboration, "see what I see"
  • Provide key information at the point of sales
  • Every product in your store becomes a sales representative
  • Users can select items and have them ready at the register, or for delivery
  • Guide shoppers through the stores, highlight your key offerings
  • Drive users directly to a checkout process
  • We can provide solutions for many other uses. For example:
    • Events & Conferences
    • Healthcare
    • Directions
    • Information
    • Hospitality
    • And more
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