Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hoodoo?
Hoodoo consists of a set of tools built to facilitate the creation of augmented (AR) and mixed (MR) reality experiences. Hoodoo uses a platform, mobile applications and APIs to deliver content.
What is platform?
Hoodoo’s main component is a cloud based platform, which consists of a content management system, a content delivery network to stream video, an analytics system and business logic, and other components.
What is the universal app?
The universal app is a mobile application available for iOS and Android mobile devices that allows many content publishers to launch AR and MR experiences to the world. Users then use the app to access the AR and MR experiences.
Is the Hoodoo universal app free?
The Hoodoo universal app is called “GetHoodoo” and it is available free of charge to all end users. It is currently available for iOS and Android devices.
Can I have a custom app supported by the Hoodoo platform?
Yes, currently we offer custom licenses to use our technology in a customized application. The cost of the license varies based on a variety of factors. In the future we plan to implement an SDK (Software Development Kit) so that other developers can add our services to existing applications.
Is Hoodoo going to support HUD or HMD’s?
Yes, we plan to support different form factors as they become viable in the consumer market. At present we plan to support the Moverio line of smart glasses from Epson. Other HMDs and HUD will be supported in the near future.
Does Hoodoo require internet access?
Hoodoo is a cloud based solution and requires internet access to deliver content. However we have designed a series of tools to deploy applications that need only limited access to the internet or no access at all depending on the features our clients want to support.
What kind of application needs limited access to the internet?
These applications do not require (necessarily) internet access to present content to end users. They just need internet access from time to time for updates, and to send analytic information. The frequency and nature of the updates varies depending on the features included in these apps.
Can you build an AR or MR app that does not require internet access at all?
Yes, we can build a completely standalone app. However we recommend that you at least add the capability to connect to the web for updates, or patches which are necessary from time to time because software operating systems change.
What kinds of content does your platform support?
We currently support video, audio, text, and animation AR experiences via drag and drop. 3D and interactive experiences require a little bit of configuring on our end, but these will also be automated soon. Interactive experiences will be supported via drag and drop too, but will require programing outside of Hoodoo. Call or email us with questions about this.
What technologies are supported by your platform and apps?
We have our own proprietary image recognition technology; however we also support Vuforia, ARKit and ARCore. These last two are currently supported in custom applications and work for hire, but will be integrated into the universal app soon.
Is the content entered in the platform available for everyone that has the Hoodoo app?
Yes, content published through our universal app is available to everyone. However in most cases end users will need a target image or object, or gaming prop to activate the AR experience. Choose “No Gallery” to remove your target image from the promotional gallery included in the app. This action will prevent hoodoo from featuring access to your target image from the app.
Why do I need to host my videos in your CDN?
Video streaming is a complex task and technology. We use a state of the art CDN. It allows us to encode video via software for HD and standard resolution. This allows us to serve video efficiently and fast since we use an adaptive bit rate technology. We use our own CDN to ensure consistent performance in our apps. A custom app could be made to work with another CDN, but we would not be able to fine tune performance in that case. Also videos are usually fairly large files it would not be practical and/or possible to include them inside an app.
Why do I need to host my content in your CMS?
Content needs to be stored, and indexed for rapid deployment. If all content was hosted inside an app it would not fit in most devices.
Can I link to other websites or content from your apps?
Hoodoo does not link to any other apps. Content publishers distributing content through the GetHoodoo app can include links to other web destinations, products or services as part of their AR experience.
Do you collect personally identifiable information?
We only collect the necessary information to set up publisher’s accounts. We do not collect identifiable information from end users except for an email address and password which are used to restore history files in case an end user changes to another mobile device. This feature is not mandatory. It is just a convenience.
What information do you collect from content publishers?
This data includes information we need to validate a publisher’s name, company, and contact information. If using a credit card that information is stored with our ecommerce partner “Stripe”.
What information do you collect from end users?
We only collect an email address and password for the purpose of restoring history settings on our universal app. This is not a mandatory feature. Please note that custom apps may collect additional information required by the publisher. For more information you can access our privacy policy by clicking here.
Do you keep credit card information in your system?
We keep a minimum amount of information. All credit card information is kept by our partner “Stripe”.
Can I get billed through an invoice instead of a credit card?
Publishers that meet certain criteria are eligible for invoice billing as an alternative to a credit card.
Why do end users have to register?
For our universal app registration is optional. Publishers must register in order to be verified before they can publish content or use our platform.
What fees do I have to pay to use your platform and universal app?
The list of fees is included in the license package information. It includes a one time fee for a license to publish. A monthly maintenance fee and recurring fees for features the publisher uses. We only bill you for what you use.
What fees do I need to pay for a custom app?
Custom apps license varies depending on the intended use and volume. Custom apps built as work for hire will include additional professional services fees.
Do you build custom AR or MR applications that do not require use of your platform?
Yes, we build custom applications for our clients as work for hire that may or may not include support agreements.
Do you offer professional services?
Yes, we do. For information about these services please contact us at
Do you offer support?
We offer standard knowledge base support. Additional we have various levels of support for an additional fee. For information about support please contact us at
How do you bill?
The default payment method is through a credit card, Visa or MasterCard. We also accept applications for invoice based billing. The billing cycle is monthly.
What happens if I cancel my service?
You can cancel your service at any time. However license fees are not refundable. In the event of a cancelation we’ll close out the account within 24 hours of written notice. If it is an emergency, you will need to contact us during regular business hours 8AM PST through 5PM PST via email to the address we provided when you become a publisher.
Can I take my app with me and use it in another system?
Our solution is cloud based. If you terminate your relationship with us the app will be removed from the system and all content will be deleted. Some custom apps may be able to work with other systems but will require additional programing to be enabled.