We provide you with several options.


With our Hoodoo App Service, you can host your content with us. You provide print media or physical object(s) ready for use, visual elements for display, and a link to your landing page or other media. We train the software to recognize your media, billboard, gameplay, or physical object, and display your visual elements. Any of our users can access your ad or campaign.

Your users access your content via the Hoodoo App.


The key difference between our White Label Service and our Hoodoo App service is that we custom brand the underlying Hoodoo app with your branding and look and feel.

You still provide the visual elements and we still train the software, however your audience does not use the Hoodoo App for accessing your content; instead they use an app that carries your logo, brand or product name.

This service provides you and your audience with a customized app tailored to your brand identity.


With our Custom Apps Service, we create all content and media elements for you and deliver a fully customized experience. If desired, we can add gaming elements and other more complex interactions.

As with the White Label service, your audience accesses a customized app tailored to your brand identity.